Aljubair International Transportation Company (AITC) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-discriminative company registered in Afghanistan with the Afghan Investment Support Agency (AISA) in 2011, Afghanistan Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Joint Contracting Contingency Services (JCCS) and UNGM system. AITC main office is located on north of Herat- Islam Qala Highway, Herat province of Afghanistan. While AITC has been established in Herat, with the expansion of its operations scope, this company has opened many other branches in other regions of Afghanistan.

Aljubair International Transportation Company was founded in early 2006, with the aim to provide first class transportation services to a wide range of International and local organizations. AITC has the ability to transport any and all types of cargo throughout Afghanistan via land from anywhere in the world to any destination in Afghanistan.

As AITC continues to grow and expand, we have now opened a branch office in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai).

In accordance with our customer pledge, we aim to give our valued customers total satisfaction, in a competitive, safe and timely manner. Irrespective of the cargo you need transporting, AITC, with its extensive experience and remarkable past performance history of hauling and delivering all types of cargo, including fuel, food, construction materials and many others, we will ensure your goods arrive safe and on time at their final destination.


Our expertise and proficiency in the field of transportation, has made us a leader among many other transportation service providers within the country.

An appropriate and reliable system of scheduling, plus the safety and security procedures that we deploy, along with sufficient number of direct and indirect employees including but not limited to professional and well-motivated drivers, driver assistants, transport managers and operations teams plus many other professional staff, have been the key to our success.

We strongly believe that putting things together will not work without a strong management team to oversee and guide our workforce. Together this will enable us to execute our missions in a professional and timely manner, helping us to attract and maintain customers and customer satisfaction. Our abilities, integrity and high standard performances plus our extensive experience over many years have convinced our clients that we provide a quality service.