Our current and past services and operations have included the following:

  • Transportation of fuel from different regions of Afghanistan and other countries to customer destinations.
  • Transportation of vehicles (cars, trucks and farming equipment) from UAE, USA, Europe and other countries to Afghanistan locations.
  • Transportation of dry and refrigerated/frozen food (in temperature monitored reefer trucks).
  • Pharmaceutical products from abroad and in country.
  • All types of construction materials, steel, cement, wood, bricks ect. From abroad and in country.

Assets and Facilities

NumberType of VehiclesQuantity
1Tankers: Fuel & Potable Water90
220’ & 40’ Flatbed & Container270
320’ & 40’ Reefer Trucks20
4Passenger Buses5
520T 50T 80T Cranes8
6Garbage Trucks2
7Lift Trucks2
8Bowser Trucks2
9Bongo Trucks5
10Low Bed Trucks20
11Septic Trucks3

AITC Parking Areas

We have five immense and secure parking areas in different regions for our trucks to be staged and made mission ready. Our main parking area is located in Herat province, while we own a large parking area in Kabul. Every AITC parking area is fully equipped and safe with security guards and with the capacity of more than 100 parking spaces for heavy trucks.