We have successfully provided and offered transportation and transit services to the following governmental, non-governmental companies and organizations:

1HEB Logistic CompanyFuel Transportation2007
2Nazir Yama Logistic Company (NYC)Fuel Transportation2007
3Ministry of Rural DevelopmentTransportation of Wheat for Feeding2007 - 2008
4Tawazue Logistic CompanyFuel Transportation2008
5Afghanistan Ministry of AgricultureTransportation of Wheat for Feeding2008
6USAIDTransportation of Wheat2008 - 2009
7Afghanistan Ministry of AgricultureTransportation of Farming Wheat2009
8Ministry of Mining and IndustryTransportation of Coal2009
9Oqabi Transport CompanyFuel Transportation2009 - 2010
10CLS Logistic CompanyFuel Transportation2010
11Baghdasht Transport Company (BTC)Fuel Transportation2010 – 2011
12Asman Transportation CompanyTransportation of Cargo2010 - 2012
13WFPTransportation of Wheat2011-2016
14Supreme GroupFuel Transportation2012 –2014
15Afghanistan Ministry of AgricultureTransportation of 6000 Metric Tons of Wheat2013-2016
16Vase As Transportation CompanyTransportation of Cargo2013
17NEI Nutrition and
Transportation of Various Cargos2016
18Afghanistan Ministry of AgricultureTransportation of 2505 Metric Tons of Wheat and 7510 Metric Tons of Improved Fertilizer2016

The aforementioned companies and organizations were completely satisfied with the services provided by AITC and also complementary on the execution of the missions undertaken, by our high standard of safety, security and promptness of deliveries.